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Sunday, June 7, 2009

about me

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hye there! my name is Amanda Nurshafeena.. and yes im a girl.. im juz an ordinary teen girl that has a big dream.. i dreamed to be an executive producer someday... then i'll make a lot of money!! not juz that.. as a teen... we will fall in love.. thats normal... if you didn't fall in love when ure teens.. then something may be wrong.. this year.. i fell in love with a boy on myspace... hes cute.. caring.. .. and many more.. just the way i dream of.. i always pray to be with him some day... but... fantasies can't beat reality... i cant tell why... just that.. every day.. i wished he could read my heart and feel the same as i do... and i also cant tell who the boy is.. just let the secret remains in my heart..

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