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Monday, July 12, 2010

to all da PRETTY PLAYBOY =.=''

Hey Pretty boy , u ain’t got nothing on me , heyy ladies Let’s go ,so that nobody can ever underestimate me ,I’ll steal the gaze of ur eyes n spill it in my heart ,Wanna flow with me? u can do that .Wanna dance with me? You can't do that . Don’t mistake me to be da same as other girls . Do you know who I am? FEENA la bodo!!!!

Youre gonna pay for seeing me as easy cuz I’m young . It only takes seconds to take your heart . Like 1 2 3 4 . Be a bit truthfully . Come on and stop the game . It’s just a matter of time boys boys . To make you minee. 

I don’t feel a need to rush
Cuz you’re the one that’ll regret it
The tension inside , my mind feels like its in a trance
Wake up, I’ve already won the game
Hey pretty boy, you lack a little something
You dont have any charm , ure just pretty
Hey pretty boy, you gotta try harder
More like a man , with more personality
Please change yourself will yaa?
Confidence is good , ure fair . ^^
but its embarrassing where u're weak. =.=
Show me your strong charms
I like bad boys, like soldier type
Its okay if ure not too tall , like Napoleon
Like a bad boy who take over the world.
Don’t hide like a coward u motherfuka. =.=''
That’s right
What I need is a black knight

Hey boy, to the left, to the left
I’m sick of this pretty boy
move to the left * lgu beyonce*
I feel it all day , smile without sincerity.
I tell ya, ur style isn't appealing. ;)

Outside you’re act like a tough gangster boy , but back home you turn back into a mama’s boy =.='' like a fragile flower grown in a hothouse . a pretty boy like u are so out of style

You’re too P R E T T Y
Don’t just use your pretty face
to steal a girl’s heart
You’re not for me
I’m not for you

Guys always say
That girls only have to be pretty
and that they have to be kind
What we want is a man that acts like a man
You got to be a real man!!!!

Now throw your hands up the air
Wave’em Like you don’t care

p/s ; hahah. ak ske mende niehh. so kpd spe2 yg mmbce yg trase. 1 je yg sye dpt katakan. PADAN MUKA!!! ahah^^. ily m.j. dh la. na g mkn. byep.

xoxo : miss lerman


amirul mustaqim said...

ape ko merepek?tau la bi fail..nak speaking2 plak..wakaka..

Feena said...

eleh kao. ak mrepek ke ape ke ap ko kesahh????